Paintballs Box GI Sportz 3 Stars 2000 Units View larger

Paintballs Box GI Sportz 3 Stars 2000 Units

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A ball of impeccable quality. High breakability combined with "hard to wipe" bright fills giving excellent splat coverage on impact. Designed to withstand the highest rates of fire and varying climatic conditions with extreme accuracy.

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    Unlimited colors

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    Engineered for competitive performance.

    • Dual Color Metallic Shell for competitive brittleness and increased visibility.

    • Printed flat shells for foliage penetration and hard-to-see trajectory.

    • Bright, broad marking BIO FILL Pro™ formula combined with increased
      accuracy and brittleness providing a Competitive Edge.

    Since the first day we shot this custom ball/fill that was only made for tournaments, we've seen nothing but stellar reviews. Not only have players been buying this as their primary grade of paint, even when we offer a 2 and 4 star case, but it also helps the refs do their jobs better. A consistent bright fill every time, that easily marks players when hit. The overall value of this paint, is above and beyond anything else we have seen. This is just one more way GI has consistently proven to us they are the best company to work with, not only for customer service, but product quality. I look forward to offering this paint for many more events to come at the WCPS.

    Kevin A. Lillison - WCPS Operations Manager